Repurpose Studio is a content repurposing service. We help busy business owners, marketers, podcasters, video creators, and bloggers get more from their content. Our content repurposing service creates different versions of your existing content for distribution on mediums such as WordPress, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other places where your readers or customers consume content. 

Blog posts can be great for promoting your products or services. YouTube videos are an effective way of communicating with people that prefer to consume visual content. Podcast listenership is exploding. And Instagram is still a very popular channel for marketing. But creating content for every channel takes a lot of resources. Not everyone has the time to create videos, blog posts, Facebook videos, Instagram stories, podcasts, and the rest. Repurposing aims to take one piece of content and turn it into formats suitable for distribution on all of the other channels.

The result: you can maximise your exposure on other platforms without spending hours on content creation.

  • Get your content on more than one platform without doing more work.
  • Increase your organic reach and save money on advertising.
  • Reach new audiences.
  • Reduce spend on content production.
  • Discover the channels that work best for your brand.
  • Maximise time and effort.
  • Boost SEO
  • Reinforce your message

  • A blog post, edited and optimized for SEO, from a podcast interview episode.
  • A promotional video segmented into short video posts for Instagram, created with the optimal dimensions and length.
  • Audiograms for IGTV from YouTube videos
  • Facebook Lives to Podcasts
  • A YouTube video from a podcast episode.
  • A blog post from a YouTube video.
  • Long Facebook posts from Podcast transcriptions.
  • Video Memes from blog or video content.
  • Instructional videos with rolling text and music from blog posts.
  • Image quotes for Instagram, Facebook, and more from blog content.
  • Pinterest images for every heading in a post or key topics in a podcast.
  • Show notes for podcasts.

Yes, we can. An add-on to our core service is social media publishing. We consider this an extension of the repurposing flow. With the social media publishing service, you can effectively be hands-off with your content production and distribution (apart from the creation of the first media asset).

Because auto-transcribed text suffers from two problems

  1. The transcriptions are not always accurate
  2. Direct transcriptions make bad SEO blog posts

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